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Lose Weight with the Coffee Diet

Many people need to lose some extra pounds that tend to show up in unflattering places on the body. One remedy that has attracted recent attention is the coffee diet.

Speeding Up the Metabolism

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Everyone knows that the only way to lose weight is to decrease your consumption of food and increase the amount of food that your body ‘burns’.  Many people complain that even when they cut down their intake, they still do not lose very much weight. One problem may be that even with increased exercise, they are not ‘burning’ enough calories.

One possible solution is by trying the coffee diet. The basic premise is that under this program, and with a decrease in eating and an increase in exercise, your body’s metabolism will be increased and you will ‘burn’ more calories. In addition, the increase in coffee will also help to suppress your appetite -- particularly for carbohydrates. Looks like you win all the way around using the coffee diet.

Coffee Diet Techniques

Under the coffee diet, you need to drink more coffee. You should also consume a normal breakfast in the morning to get your body’s metabolism working to help burn off your excess weight.

The idea is that you do not have to make any great changes in your lifestyle. Each cup of coffee contains about 100 mg of caffeine. On the coffee diet, after you drink your coffee, your metabolic rate can increase as much as 10%. For a person not used to drinking coffee, the coffee diet can increase the metabolism even more.

When your metabolic rate is increased while on the coffee diet, you burn more calories than before, even when you are not active. The coffee diet is not something that enables you to just sit around and burn off weight, but your body is burning calories faster.   Exercise must also be part of your coffee diet.

Potential Benefits

A potential benefit of the diet is that there are few side effects as with other diet products. Other than the normal ‘side effects’ of drinking coffee, everything is the same. Of course, some people are sensitive to caffeine, so that should be taken into consideration. However, there are no artificial or unnatural chemicals in the coffee itself.

Drink it Black

If you are trying this diet, don’t put three tablespoons of sugar into your coffee. And coffee ice cream does not count as a diet helper! However, if you like your coffee with a little cream and sugar, go low fat or sugar substitute.


Although you may think the idea of a coffee diet might just be another fad, there have been some scientific studies made on using it. The results showed that some people, but of course not everyone, benefited from the coffee diet.