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This article approved by licensed medical personnel - cholesterolExposed!  Seven Cholesterol Myths

We constantly hear about how we need to have a healthy cholesterol level to avoid heart problems.  But what on earth does this actually mean in terms of lifestyle?  Here we expose seven popular myths about cholesterol.

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Cholesterol Myth Exposed:  Only Older People Have Cholesterol Problems

Cholesterol can be a problem for young adults.  Starting at age 20, cholesterol  tests should be performed at least once in every five years to prevent health risks and avoid dangerous complications in the future.

Cholesterol Myth Exposed:  I Exercise A Lot and Feel Fine, So My Cholesterol Level Is Okay

Unfortunately, there are NO symptoms if your cholesterol level is too high. Aside from exercise, other factors such as diet, weight, age, gender and genetics (what you inherit) can influence cholesterol levels. Certain medications can also affect cholesterol.

Cholesterol Myth Exposed:  Taking Lots of Antioxidants Such as Vitamins C and E Will Reduce My Cholesterol

Taking antioxidants certainly cannot hurt, but they are not a standalone solution to cholesterol problems.  The most effective thing to ward off unhealthy cholesterol levels to change your eating habits and exercise.

Cholesterol Myth Exposed:  Two Glasses of Red Wind a Day Makes Heart Disease Go Away

While some studies indicate that a moderate amount of alcohol increases one's HDL ("HDL" refers to the "good" form of cholesterol), known facts also suggest that alcohol is high in calories which may boost the triglycerides and impair the liver, thus increasing the body’s blood pressure.

Cholesterol Myth Exposed:  Health-Friendly Products Contain "No Cholesterol" Labels

Some of these "heart healthy" products claim not to contain cholesterol, but they may still be high in saturated fats.  Saturated fats are the main contributors in increasing the body's LDL (the "bad" form of cholesterol).

Cholesterol Myth Exposed: Trying to Lower Your Cholesterol Level is Unsafe

The normally produces just about enough cholesterol necessary to perform its functions. In particular, the liver produces natural cholesterol.  Lifestyle changes such as diet and physical activity are highly advisable and are proven methods of safely lowering one's cholesterol level.

Cholesterol Myth Exposed:  Overweight People Are the Only Ones Who Should be Concerned About High Cholesterol

Obese people are more prone to cholesterol problems, but people who have the right weight can also have high cholesterol levels.  There are no symptoms for heart disease caused by high levels of cholesterol. Good diet and some exercise are good steps to avoiding having these health risks.