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Prepare for the Allergy Season by Comparing Allegra Prices

Allegra is used for seasonal allergy relief from symptoms such as runny nose, itchy, watery eyes and throat and nose irritations.  This is a prescription medication.

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Allegra prices vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, including online vendors.  Buying Allegra in bulk could save you in your overall Allegra price because large purchases will decrease the Allegra price per pill. However, if it is your first time with Allegra, you should buy in a small amount to make sure that the medication works for you.

Online Allegra Prices

In comparing Allegra prices that are posted online as opposed to those at your local pharmacy, consider additional charges such as doctor consultation fees, refill fees, shipping costs and/or delivery charges. These fees will boost the total Allegra price you will pay. Some of the online pharmacies will require you to pay consultation fees if it is your first time to buy Allegra from them. These consultation fees can be quite high, although in the long run, the cheaper refill costs could compensate for your initial outlay.

Allegra is available in 30mg, 60mg and 180 mg tablet and capsule dosages.  The price of Allegra 180mg ranges from approximately $50.00 (as sold in Discount Drugs Pharmacy) to $129.00 for the exact same number of Allegra 180mg. With an Allegra price variation of over $70.00, you can see why it is important to research the costs before buying.

Canadian Sources of Allegra

Buying Allegra from Canadian pharmacy could also save you money.   Branded prescription drugs in Canada are generally 40% lower than those sold in the U.S. This is because the Canadian dollar has lower exchange rate than the U.S. dollar. Another reason is that Canadian government regulates the price of prescription medications, including Allegra. Canadian generic prescription drugs are also readily available in the market, further lowering the Allegra price. This could help you purchase Allegra in 3-month dosages. Purchasing Allegra from Canadian pharmacies is limited to personal consumption and you are not allowed to buy more than your 90-day supply of Allegra for personal use, as it will be considered illegal by FDA.


Before purchasing Allegra or any other type of allergy relief or medication online, be sure that the online source is reputable.